Emmanuel Ijewere Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Business

Emmanuel Ijewere Biography – The world of accounting and business leadership recently lost one of its most esteemed figures, Emmanuel Ijewere. A renowned chartered accountant, business leader, and philanthropist, Ijewere passed away at the age of 77 after a protracted illness. His contributions to the field of accounting and various organizations in Nigeria left an indelible mark. This article delves into his extraordinary life and achievements, celebrating a legacy that continues to inspire many.

Early Life and Education

Emmanuel Ijewere Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Business

Born in 1946, Emmanuel Ijewere’s journey began in Lagos, Nigeria. He spent his formative years in Ijebu-Ode and Cameroon, exposing him to diverse cultures and experiences. His educational pursuit took him to the United Kingdom, broadening his perspective and laying the foundation for his future success.

Career Beginnings

Emmanuel Ijewere’s career trajectory in the field of accounting is a remarkable story of ambition, skill, and visionary leadership. His journey began in 1965, a pivotal year when he joined Coopers & Lybrand in the United Kingdom. This period marked the initial phase of his professional life, setting the stage for his future accomplishments.

Coopers & Lybrand, known for its rigorous standards and prestigious reputation, provided Ijewere with an invaluable platform to hone his skills. It was here that his natural aptitude for accounting and finance truly flourished. The experience gained at this international firm was not just about mastering the numbers; it encompassed understanding the broader implications of financial practices on business strategy and operations. Ijewere’s time in the UK was instrumental in shaping his professional ethos, characterized by precision, ethical integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

The decision to return to Nigeria in 1979 and establish Ijewere & Co. was a significant turning point in his career. This move was not just a professional shift but also a testament to his dedication to contribute to the economic development of his home country. Establishing a chartered accountancy firm in Nigeria at that time was a bold step, given the challenging business environment and the nascent state of the accounting profession in the country.

Ijewere & Co. started as a modest venture but, under his leadership, rapidly grew into one of Nigeria’s most respected accounting firms. This growth was not a matter of chance; it was the result of Ijewere’s deep understanding of the local business landscape, his ability to adapt global best practices to a Nigerian context, and his unwavering commitment to providing top-notch services. The firm’s rise was also indicative of Ijewere’s entrepreneurial spirit, which combined with his technical expertise, made a formidable combination.

This period of Ijewere’s career was not just about building a successful firm but also about laying the groundwork for the professionalization of accounting in Nigeria. He was instrumental in setting high standards for the industry, advocating for ethical practices, and mentoring a new generation of accountants. His efforts contributed significantly to elevating the status of the accounting profession in Nigeria.

In summary, the early years of Emmanuel Ijewere’s career were marked by significant achievements and contributions. His tenure at Coopers & Lybrand equipped him with a global perspective and technical proficiency, while the establishment of Ijewere & Co. demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to his nation’s development. These experiences not only shaped his professional journey but also left a lasting impact on the accounting industry in Nigeria.

Leadership and Achievements

Emmanuel Ijewere Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Business

Professional Leadership

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN): As a past President, Ijewere significantly influenced the accounting profession in Nigeria, advocating for ethical standards and excellence.
  • Institute of Directors (IOD): His tenure here was marked by initiatives that bolstered corporate governance and leadership development.
  • Nigerian Red Cross: Ijewere’s involvement went beyond the corporate world, showcasing his commitment to humanitarian causes.

Business Ventures

Emmanuel Ijewere’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to hold chairmanships and directorships across various sectors:

  • Best Foods Group: He played a pivotal role in making it one of Nigeria’s leading agribusiness companies.
  • Computer Warehouse Group (CWG): Under his guidance, CWG made significant strides in the IT sector.
  • Gemini Pharmaceuticals: Here, he contributed to advancements in the healthcare industry.

Notable Contributions and Impact

Agricultural Sector

As the head of the Nigeria Agribusiness Group, Ijewere was instrumental in advocating for sustainable agricultural practices and policies that benefited both farmers and the economy.

Corporate Governance

Through his various roles, he championed the cause of effective corporate governance, influencing a generation of business leaders.

Recent Developments and Legacy

In his later years, Ijewere remained active in various capacities, contributing to discussions on national development and economic policies. His insights were highly sought after, and his advice helped shape many key decisions in the business world.


Emmanuel Ijewere’s life was a testament to excellence, leadership, and service. His achievements in accounting, business, and philanthropy set a benchmark for future generations. As we remember him, his legacy continues to inspire and guide those aspiring to make a mark in the business world. Emmanuel Ijewere’s story is not just about the milestones he achieved but about the lives he touched and the positive changes he fostered in society.

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