Faircash Loan Kenya – How To Apply & Eligbility


Faircash Loan Kenya: How To Apply & Eligibility Discover the seamless world of Fair Kash+, where borrowing meets simplicity. Get ready to unlock a credit line of up to KES 60,000 with our entirely digital and paperless application process. Say goodbye to lengthy documentation; our approval process takes just minutes. Apply once and access cash whenever you need it, all within the most flexible credit line in Kenya.

Why Fair Cash?

1. Up to KES 60,000 Limit

Borrow with ease! Gain approval once and borrow whenever necessary. Experience a hassle-free journey—get approved once and re-borrow with just a few taps. No more waiting or tedious new applications.

2. Fast Cash Approval


Speed is our forte! Get approved within minutes, and watch the funds flow directly into your M-Pesa account. Borrowing has never been this simple.

3. Flexible Repayments

Empower yourself with choices. Select an installment plan or pay interest/principal at your convenience. With funds instantly available in your account, managing repayments couldn’t be easier!

4. Simple and Safe

Trust in transparency. There are no hidden fees, and your privacy is our priority. Over 1 million Kenyans trust us, and we are under the control of the Central Bank of Kenya.


  1. Age Requirement To be eligible for FairKash+, you must be at least 18 years old. Only adults can legally sign contracts and take responsibility for loans. This ensures financial stability and reliable income sources, essential for loan affordability.
  2. Identity Verification FairKash+ mandates identity verification. Applicants must submit valid ID documents (national ID card or passport) along with personal information for confirmation. This step is crucial to authenticating the borrower’s identity and streamlining the loan process.
  3. Source of Income FairKash+ demands a stable income source, which can be a salary, part-time job, self-employment, or any legitimate source. Supporting documents like pay stubs and bank statements are required to prove sufficient income for loan repayment. Without a stable income, loan approval may be challenging.
  4. Credit Evaluation FairKash+ conducts a credit assessment based on factors such as credit history, financial situation, and debt status. A lower credit rating may result in difficulty obtaining a loan or securing one at a higher interest rate.
  5. Purpose of Loan Borrowers must specify the purpose of the loan, ensuring funds are used legally and appropriately. The purpose should align with the borrower’s income source, and timely repayment within the agreed-upon period is essential.
  6. Other Conditions Beyond the mentioned criteria, FairKash+ may request guarantees or collateral for timely repayment. Compliance with FairKash+’s terms and conditions is mandatory for all borrowers.

Interest rate

In the enchanting realm of Fair Kash+, the interest rate is not merely a number; it is a brushstroke on the canvas of financial possibilities. This critical component of the borrowing experience unravels itself in a symphony, offering borrowers a spectrum of options that range from a soothing 3% to an invigorating 18% per year.

The beauty lies in the nuanced choices available to borrowers. Imagine this landscape as a musical composition, where the gentle notes of a 3% rate harmonize with the more robust chords of an 18% rate. This variability is not just about numbers; it’s about acknowledging the diversity in financial preferences that each individual possesses.


Here, the interest rate is more than a mere transactional detail; it’s a tool of empowerment. Borrowers stand as maestros in their financial orchestration, free to select a rate that resonates harmoniously with their unique financial goals and aspirations.

How to Apply

  1. Download the Fair Kash+ App: Begin your financial odyssey by downloading the Fair Kash+ app. This gateway to empowerment is just a click away, ready to transform your financial experience. Embrace the convenience of having financial solutions at your fingertips.
  2. Register with Your Phone Number: Once the app graces your device, embark on the registration process with the simplicity of your phone number. Fair Kash+ ensures that the initial steps are not only user-friendly but also swift, paving the way for a hassle-free experience.
  3. Enter your basic information and loan request: The journey continues as you input your basic information and articulate your loan request. Fair Kash+ values your time and strives for transparency, making the application process straightforward. Your financial aspirations are now in motion.
  4. Get Approved Instantly and Receive Money in Minutes: The magic unfolds as you receive instant approval. No more waiting in uncertainty. Fair Kash+ understands the urgency of financial needs and ensures that the approved funds are swiftly deposited directly into your M-Pesa account. Minutes, not days, stand between you and your financial goals.
  5. Join 1 million+ Kenyans in financial liberation: Welcome to the community of 1 million+ Kenyans who have embraced the freedom and flexibility that Fair Kash+ offers. Apply once, and the gateway remains open whenever you need it. Borrow with ease, pay on your terms, and navigate life’s financial challenges with simplicity.
  6. Life Made Simple: In a world where life’s challenges are plentiful, Fair Kash+ simplifies your financial journey. The complexities of money are transformed into a straightforward process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

In essence, Fair Kash+ not only provides a platform for financial transactions but crafts an experience tailored to your needs. Join the community where financial empowerment meets simplicity, and your journey toward financial liberation begins with a simple download


In the grand orchestra of life, let Faircash Loan be the conductor of your financial melody. With a harmonious blend of flexibility, speed, and simplicity, we invite you to compose your financial masterpiece. Apply once, borrow often, and experience the liberation of financial empowerment on your terms. Faircash Loan: where life’s financial complexities transform into a simple, empowering symphony tailored just for you.


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