How to Add Depositor’s Name or Details on PalmPay Analog POS Machine

How to Add Depositor’s Name or Details on PalmPay Analog POS Machine – Welcome back to our informative channel! Today’s tutorial is all about utilizing the PalmPay Analog POS Machine for adding depositor’s names or details during transactions. This feature not only enhances transactional clarity but also adds a personal touch to your business operations. Let’s delve into this process step by step.

Quick Overview: Adding Depositor’s Name or Details on PalmPay Analog POS Machine

In today’s tutorial, we’re focusing on a key functionality of the PalmPay Analog POS Machine – adding depositor’s names or specific details during transactions. This valuable feature brings a new level of transparency and personalization to your transactions. Here’s a brief rundown of the process:

  • Start the Transaction: Begin by initiating a transfer, like sending NGN 20,000 to a bank account.
  • Enter the Account Number: Carefully input the account number of the recipient.
  • Input the Depositor’s Details: This involves adding the depositor’s name (e.g., “Charles”). Use the keypad to enter the initial letters and toggle to Alpha mode for letter selection.
  • Finalize Your Transaction: After adding the name or any additional notes, confirm all the details and complete the transaction.


what is PalmPay Analog POS Machine

The PalmPay Analog POS Machine refers to a type of Point of Sale (POS) terminal provided by PalmPay, a financial services company operating in several African countries. This POS machine is a part of PalmPay’s suite of tools aimed at facilitating payments and financial transactions for businesses and individuals. However, the term “Analog” in this context might need some clarification, as most modern POS systems are digital.

Key Features of a Typical PalmPay POS Machine:

  1. Digital Transaction Processing: The device processes payments digitally, accepting various forms of payment including debit/credit cards, mobile money, and QR codes.
  2. Connectivity: It usually features connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile data to process transactions in real-time.
  3. User Interface: Equipped with a screen and keypad, it allows for user input and provides transaction information.
  4. Receipt Printing: It can print out transaction receipts for customers, which is crucial for record-keeping and proof of payment.
  5. Security Features: These devices often include security measures to protect transaction data and prevent fraud.

The term “Analog” in “PalmPay Analog POS Machine” might refer to:

  • A basic or simplified version of their POS system, possibly with fewer digital features.
  • A colloquial or regional term used to describe a particular model or type of POS machine offered by PalmPay.

It’s important to check with PalmPay or a local provider for the specific details and capabilities of the POS machine referred to as “Analog.” In the rapidly evolving digital payment landscape, especially in African markets, companies like PalmPay are continually updating and introducing new payment solutions.

step-by-step guide on How to Add Depositor’s Name or Details on PalmPay Analog POS Machine

Step 1: Initiate a Transfer

Firstly, let’s simulate a transfer. For example, if you’re moving NGN 20,000 to a Zenith Bank account, here’s how you begin:

  1. Enter the Transfer Amount: Input NGN 20,000 on your PalmPay POS.
  2. Choose the Recipient’s Bank: For this scenario, we select Zenith Bank from the list.

Step 2: Account Number Entry

Carefully input the recipient’s account number. We’re using a hypothetical account number for demonstration purposes. Double-check the number and move to the next step.

Step 3: Add the Depositor’s Name

This crucial step is where you personalize the transaction. To add the name “Charles,” follow these instructions:

  1. Input the Initial Letter: For ‘C’, press ‘2’ on the keypad.
  2. Activate Alpha Mode: Quickly hit the ‘Alpha’ button. This changes the input mode to select letters.
  3. Insert Remaining Letters: Continue the process for each subsequent letter. For ‘H’, hit ‘4’ then ‘Alpha’ repeatedly until ‘H’ appears.
  4. Switch between Upper and Lower Case: Press ‘Alpha’ continuously to toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Step 4: Finalize the Transaction

After entering the depositor’s name, such as “Charles”, or an additional note like “School Fees”, confirm all details. Press ‘OK’ to process the transaction.


And there you have it! A straightforward and practical guide to adding depositor’s details on your PalmPay Analog POS Machine. We hope this tutorial was helpful.

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