How to Sell Airtime with Your Moniepoint POS

How to Sell Airtime with Your Moniepoint POS – Are you looking to boost your earnings with your Moniepoint POS? One effective way to do so is by selling airtime. It’s a simple process, but if you’re not familiar with it, you could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of purchasing airtime on your POS device and highlight the benefits of this service. See How to Verify the Terminal ID and Merchant ID on a PALMPAY Analog POS Machine.

Simplifying Airtime Sales on Moniepoint POS

Selling airtime through your Moniepoint POS is an uncomplicated process, designed to be user-friendly even for those new to POS services. The platform supports various networks, including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo, catering to a broad customer base. The process involves selecting the airtime option, entering the desired amount, choosing the network, and inputting the customer’s phone number. A final confirmation with your secure business PIN completes the transaction.


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Advantages of Selling Airtime via Moniepoint POS

Financial Benefits

  1. Attractive Discounts: For every airtime sale, you enjoy a discount that varies between 2 to 4 Naira per transaction. These savings can accumulate significantly over time, increasing your profit margins.
  2. No Transaction Fees: Moniepoint POS doesn’t charge additional fees for airtime transactions, ensuring that your earnings are maximized.

Enhancing Customer Service

  1. Convenience: Offering airtime sales adds a layer of convenience for your customers, making your business a one-stop solution for multiple services.
  2. Instant Transactions: The airtime is recharged instantly, providing immediate gratification to customers and enhancing their experience.

Business Growth

  1. Increased Foot Traffic: By offering airtime sales, you attract more customers to your business, some of whom might avail of your other services.
  2. Reputation as a Full-Service Provider: Expanding your services to include airtime sales enhances your reputation as a versatile service provider.

Why Sell Airtime Through Moniepoint POS?

Using your Moniepoint POS to recharge airtime isn’t just about adding another service to your portfolio; it comes with tangible benefits:

  • Earn Discounts: Enjoy a discount of approximately 2 to 4 Naira on every airtime purchase you make.
  • No Additional Charges: There are no extra fees for buying airtime through your POS, enhancing your profit margin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Airtime on Moniepoint POS

Selling airtime through your Moniepoint POS device is a straightforward process. It’s an excellent way to enhance your business services and attract more customers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively use the Moniepoint POS for airtime transactions. This How to Verify Customer ATM Balance on Palmpay Android POS

Accessing the Airtime Feature

  1. Navigate to ‘More’ Options: Start by accessing your Moniepoint POS device. Look for the ‘More’ section, typically located in the lower right corner of the screen. This area houses various additional services offered by your POS.
  2. Select ‘Airtime’: In the ‘More’ menu, scroll through the options until you find ‘Airtime’. This feature is specifically designed for airtime transactions and is separate from other services such as POS transfers or balance inquiries.

Making the Airtime Purchase

  1. Enter the Amount: The system allows for a minimum transaction of 100 Naira, making it an inclusive service for a broad customer base. Input the amount of airtime the customer wishes to purchase.
  2. Choose the Network: Moniepoint POS supports a range of networks including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo. Select the network for which the airtime is intended. This flexibility caters to customers with different network preferences.
  3. Input the Phone Number: You can use either the physical buttons or the touchscreen interface to enter the customer’s phone number. Depending on your preference for speed and ease of use, choose the method that works best for you.
  4. Confirm the Transaction: After entering the necessary details, proceed by clicking ‘Continue’. Following this, enter your secure business PIN, which is a unique 4-digit code, to authorize the transaction.

Completion and Confirmation

  1. Complete the Purchase: Finalize the transaction by pressing the green button on your device. This action confirms the purchase and initiates the process of recharging the customer’s phone.
  2. Receive Confirmation: Almost immediately, you will receive a notification on your POS device, confirming the successful completion of the airtime purchase. This is a crucial step as it assures both you and the customer that the transaction has been executed correctly.
  3. Print the Receipt: Finally, the POS device will print out a receipt. This receipt includes details of the transaction, such as the amount of airtime purchased and the network it was credited to. It serves as a record for both the business and the customer. Visit How to Set Up Paper Inside Palmpay POS Machine


Selling airtime through your Moniepoint POS is not just easy but also profitable. By providing this service, you not only meet your customers’ needs but also enjoy the added benefit of discounts and no transaction fees. This guide should simplify the process and help you make the most out of your Moniepoint POS services. Remember, every airtime sale you make is a step towards increasing your earnings!

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