Kensap Scholarship Kenya, Requirements & How to Apply for KenSAP Class of 2024

Kensap Scholarship Kenya – Exciting news for aspiring Kenyan students! The KenSAP Class of 2024 scholarship application is now open. KenSAP offers an unparalleled opportunity for talented students to prepare for and gain admission to some of North America’s most prestigious universities. Read on to learn how you can be part of this life-changing program.

KenSAP Scholarship Requirements


The KenSAP scholarship program offers a transformative opportunity for Kenyan students. However, it’s essential to understand and meet the specific requirements for the Class of 2024. These criteria are designed to identify candidates who are most likely to succeed in the program and beyond.

Educational Background

KCSE Performance

  • Minimum Score Requirement: A key academic criterion is the attainment of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in December 2023.
  • Score Threshold: Candidates must have scored at least an A- in the KCSE. This high standard highlights KenSAP’s commitment to academic excellence and ensures that the program supports students who have demonstrated significant academic achievement.

English Proficiency

  • Language Skills: English proficiency is crucial for success in North American universities. Therefore, a minimum score of B in English in the KCSE is required. This requirement ensures that students are prepared for the English-based curriculum they will encounter abroad.

Special Note for A- Scorers

  • Additional Requirement: If you scored an A- in your KCSE, a supplementary statement is required. This statement should articulate why KenSAP should consider your application alongside candidates with higher scores. This provides an opportunity for A- scorers to demonstrate unique qualities or circumstances that make them suitable candidates for the program.

Important Consideration

  • Adherence to Requirements: It’s crucial to understand that applications not meeting these specified requirements will not be considered. This strict adherence to criteria ensures fairness and maintains the high standards of the KenSAP program. Read APU Post UTME 2023/2024-Ahman Pategi University

Application Process for Kensap Scholarship, KenSAP Class of 2024

The application process for the KenSAP Class of 2024 is a structured and multi-stage journey designed to identify the most suitable candidates for this prestigious program. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each step:

Initial Contact

  • First Step: Begin your application by sending a screenshot of your KCSE results as they appear on the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) portal.
  • Modes of Submission:
  • What to Include: Your full name, the name of your secondary school, and your English score. This information is crucial for initial record-keeping and to ensure that you meet the basic requirements.

Application Form

  • Receipt of Form: Candidates who meet the initial requirements will receive the KenSAP application form.
  • Time Sensitivity: The form must be completed and submitted within 72 hours of receipt. This deadline tests your ability to respond promptly and manage time effectively, both of which are essential skills for success in the program and in university studies.


  • Selection for Interview: Not all applicants will reach this stage. Only those whose applications stand out will be invited for interviews.
  • Purpose of Interviews: These sessions are an opportunity for KenSAP to get to know you better and assess your suitability for the program. It’s also a chance for you to ask questions and understand more about what KenSAP offers.

Final Decision

  • Notification of Results: After the interviews, KenSAP will make its final decisions.
  • Communication: Only candidates who have been

successful in the interview phase will be notified of their admission into the program. This decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of your application, performance in the interview, and overall suitability for the program.

Considerations Due to High Application Volume

  • Limited Communication: Due to the large number of applications KenSAP receives, only those candidates who are invited for interviews will receive further communication.
  • Importance of the Interview: Being invited to an interview is a significant milestone in the application process. It indicates that you are under serious consideration for a place in the program. Read KDU Post UTME Form 2023/2024 – Koladaisi University Ibadan

Program Overview

KenSAP annually selects 15-20 students from hundreds of candidates. Selected students receive:

  • Comprehensive preparation for the American SAT examinations.
  • Guidance through the intricate university application process.
  • Residence and study at KenSAP’s facility for approximately 15 weeks, at no cost.

Selection Criteria

KenSAP is highly selective, given the competitive nature of admissions to North American universities. The program targets students with the strongest potential for university admission. The minimum KCSE score serves as the first filter in this rigorous selection process.

Application Timeline

  • Starting Point: The process begins with the release of KCSE results.
  • End Point: Final selection announced in early June 2024.


  • Scholarships: KenSAP does not directly award university scholarships. Admitted students receive scholarships from the universities based on financial need.
  • Scope: KenSAP focuses exclusively on new high school graduates aiming for undergraduate studies in North America. It does not cater to post-graduate or transfer applications.
  • Athletic Scholarships: KenSAP is not involved with athletic scholarships. It focuses on need-based financial aid from academically competitive universities.

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