Mohammed Kudus Biography (Ghanian Footballer), Early Life, Career, Personal Life

Mohammed Kudus Biography – Mohammed Kudus (born 2 August 2000) is a Ghanaian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or a right winger for Premier League club West Ham United and the Ghana national team. His journey from a young talent at the Right to Dream Academy to a prominent figure in European football is a testament to his skill, determination, and resilience.

Early Life and Origins

Childhood in Nima

Mohammed Kudus’ journey began in the vibrant neighborhood of Nima, located in Accra, Ghana. Born on August 2, 2000, Kudus grew up in an environment rich with culture and community spirit. Nima, known for its diverse and lively atmosphere, played a crucial role in shaping his early experiences and passion for football. The streets of Nima, bustling with energy and raw talent, became the first playing fields for young Kudus.

Family Influence and Support

Kudus’ family, deeply rooted in their Muslim faith, provided a strong support system that fostered his growing interest in football. His parents, recognizing his talent and dedication from a young age, encouraged him to pursue his dreams. The influence of his family, particularly the bond with his two brothers, was instrumental in his development both as a person and as an athlete. Their support was not just emotional but also practical, as they helped him navigate the challenges of balancing education and sports.

Discovering Football

Kudus’ passion for football was ignited on the streets of Nima. Like many young boys in Ghana, he found joy and purpose in playing football with his peers. This early exposure to the game was critical to honing his skills and nurturing his love for the sport. The informal games played in the neighborhood served as his first training ground, where he learned the basics of football and developed his natural talent.

Educational Journey

While football was a significant part of his life, Kudus also focused on his education. Balancing academics and sports is a common challenge for young athletes, and Kudus was no exception. He attended local schools in Accra, where he managed to maintain a steady academic record while dedicating himself to football. This period of his life taught him discipline, time management, and the importance of balancing various aspects of life.

Joining Right to Dream Academy

The turning point in Kudus’ early career was his entry into the renowned Right to Dream Academy at the age of 10. This prestigious institution in Ghana is known for nurturing some of the best African talents in football. At Right to Dream, Kudus received formal training, which polished his natural abilities and prepared him for a professional career in football. The academy also emphasized character development, leadership, and education, aspects that played a significant role in shaping Kudus into the well-rounded individual and athlete he is today.

Early Signs of Talent

From an early age, Kudus exhibited signs of exceptional talent. His coaches at the academy often praised his work ethic, skill, and understanding of the game. He stood out among his peers for his ability to read the game, make intelligent decisions on the field, and his technical prowess. These early signs of talent did not go unnoticed, and soon he was on his way to making a name for himself beyond the borders of Ghana.

Club Career

The Danish Adventure: Nordsjælland

Kudus’ professional journey began at Danish club Nordsjælland, which he joined in January 2018 from the Ghanaian Right to Dream Academy. Making his debut just after turning 18, he quickly showed his potential, becoming the ninth youngest debutant in the club’s history.

Rising to Prominence: Ajax

2020–21 Season

In July 2020, Kudus’ career took a significant leap when he signed with Eredivisie club Ajax. A meniscus injury derailed his debut season, but he bounced back stronger and significantly aided Ajax in their domestic double victory.

2021–22 Season

Despite an ankle injury, Kudus bounced back to make impactful appearances, although his playing time was limited due to recovery.

2022–23 Season

Kudus’ performance peaked in the 2022–23 season, where he scored 18 goals in 42 appearances, including a memorable tribute to Christian Atsu after a goal.

Premier League Dreams: West Ham United

In August 2023, Kudus moved to West Ham United, becoming the second-most expensive Ghanaian footballer. His early performances, including a memorable Europa League game and his first Premier League goal, highlighted his adaptability and skill.

International Career

Kudus has been a significant player for the Ghana national team since 2019. His journey was not without setbacks, as he suffered a rib injury in 2021. However, he made a strong comeback, playing a pivotal role in Ghana’s qualification for the FIFA World Cup and scoring crucial goals in the tournament.

Personal Life

Kudus’ life off the pitch is deeply rooted in his hometown of Nima and his faith. His personal experiences have shaped his character, making him a role model for many young aspiring footballers in Ghana.

Career Statistics

Kudus’ statistics reflect his growing influence in both club and international football. His goal-scoring ability, coupled with his assists, showcases his versatility and importance to his teams.

Notable Achievements and Recent Developments

Kudus’ career is marked by several notable achievements, including his rapid rise in European football, his significant contributions to Ajax’s successes, and his impactful performances for West Ham United. His journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young athletes in Ghana and beyond.


Mohammed Kudus’ journey from the streets of Accra to the bright lights of European football is a story of perseverance, talent, and hard work. His story continues to evolve, and his future in the sport looks bright. As he continues to make his mark, Kudus remains a symbol of hope and a source of pride for Ghanaian football.

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