Timiza Loan Kenya Contact Details

Timiza Loan Kenya Contact Details – Timiza Loan Kenya, known for its convenient financial solutions, offers multiple ways for customers to get in touch for assistance, inquiries, or support. Whether you’re facing issues with the app, need help with loan applications, or have other queries, Timiza’s dedicated customer service team is readily available. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Timiza Loan Kenya’s contact details: visitHow to Write an Application Letter as a Merchandiser in Zambia

A quick overview of Timiza Loan kenya

Timiza Loan Kenya, renowned for its digital lending services, offers a comprehensive and responsive customer care system designed to assist users with their loan applications, account management, and any queries or issues they may face. Here’s a quick overview of Timiza Loan Kenya’s Customer Care:


Key Aspects of Timiza Loan Kenya Customer Care

  1. Multiple Contact Channels: Timiza provides various ways for customers to get in touch, including phone support, email, and instant messaging through WhatsApp. This multi-channel approach ensures accessibility for all users, regardless of their preferred mode of communication. seeIs Dogecoin Legit?
  2. Dedicated Phone Lines: Customers can reach out directly via dedicated landline and mobile numbers. These lines are manned by knowledgeable customer service representatives who offer immediate assistance.
  3. Virtual Assistance with WhatsApp: Timiza leverages technology by offering support through WhatsApp, enabling users to get quick responses in a conversational manner.
  4. Email Support for Detailed Inquiries: For more complex issues or when a record of communication is needed, Timiza offers a dedicated email address, ensuring that users can reach out with detailed queries.
  5. Focus on User Experience: Timiza’s customer care is structured to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction.
  6. Data Security and Privacy: The customer care service emphasizes the importance of user data security and privacy, advising customers on how to communicate securely, especially when dealing with sensitive personal and financial information.

Get in Touch with Timiza Loan kenya Customer Care

Telephone Support

For direct and immediate assistance, you can reach out to Timiza Loan customer care via the following numbers:

  • Landline: +254 (20) 3900000 – Ideal for those who prefer to use a landline for inquiries or assistance.
  • Mobile Support:
    • Safaricom Users: +254 (722) 130120
    • Airtel Users: +254 (732) 130120

These lines are staffed with knowledgeable customer care representatives who are ready to assist with your needs.

Chat with Abby on WhatsApp

For a more conversational and instant messaging experience:

  • WhatsApp Contact: +254 710 130000

    Simply add this number to your contacts and initiate a chat with Abby, Timiza’s virtual assistant, for quick and efficient responses.

Email Communication

For detailed inquiries, feedback, or if you prefer written communication: visit Is AliExpress Legit?

Sending an email can be particularly useful for complex issues or when you need to have a record of your communication.

Key Points to Remember

  • Operating Hours: Remember to check the operating hours for phone support, especially for urgent inquiries.
  • Clear Communication: When sending an email or engaging in a chat, be as clear and detailed as possible about your issue or question to facilitate a quicker, more accurate response.
  • Security: Always protect your personal information. Avoid sharing sensitive details like passwords or PINs in emails or chats.

By using these contact methods, you can ensure timely and effective communication with Timiza Loan Kenya’s customer service team, helping you resolve your queries or issues efficiently. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Timiza makes it easy for clients to reach out for support whenever needed. visit Is Shopify Legit?


Timiza Loan Kenya’s customer care is an integral part of their service, offering efficient, accessible, and secure support to their customers. This robust system underlines Timiza’s commitment to providing not just financial solutions, but also comprehensive support to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

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