How to Change Your Moniepoint POS ATM Card PIN

How to Change Your Moniepoint POS ATM Card PIN – Changing the PIN for your Moniepoint POS ATM card is a straightforward process that you can do independently, enhancing your account’s security. Whether you’re doing it for security reasons or just want to update your PIN, this guide will walk you through the steps. Remember, your POS PIN can be different from your ATM card PIN, but they can also be the same if you prefer. See How to Verify the Terminal ID and Merchant ID on a PALMPAY Analog POS Machine.

Step-by-Step Guide: Changing Your Moniepoint POS ATM Card PIN

Changing your Moniepoint POS ATM card PIN is a crucial security measure to protect your financial transactions. This detailed guide aims to simplify the process, ensuring you can update or reset your PIN with ease and confidence.


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Step 1: Login to Your Account

Preparation for Login

  • Gather Login Credentials: Have your Moniepoint username and password at hand. It’s crucial for accessing your account.
  • Recovery Options: If you’ve forgotten your login details, Moniepoint offers user-friendly solutions.

Account Access Steps

  • Username Entry: Enter your unique username linked to your Moniepoint account.
  • Password Input: Type in your password carefully.
  • Recovery Assistance: Utilize the ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Forgot Username’ options if needed.

Step 2: Navigate to the Card Section

Finding the Card Management Area

  • Upon successful login, you’ll be directed to the Moniepoint dashboard.
  • Card Section Access: Look for and select the Cards option to manage your ATM card settings.

Step 3: Select Your Card

Card Details Overview

  • The card section displays various cards associated with your account, complete with details like card type, name, PAN number, account number, and serial number.

Card Selection Process

Step 4: Choose to Update or Reset Your PIN

Making a Decision

  • Update Card PIN: Select this option if you’re aware of your current PIN but want to change it for security reasons or personal preference.
  • Reset Card PIN: Opt for this if you’ve forgotten your existing PIN and need to set a new one.

Step 5: Enter the PIN Details

PIN Entry Guidelines

  • Updating PIN:
    • Current PIN Entry: Begin by entering your current PIN.
    • New PIN Setup: Choose and enter a new PIN.
    • PIN Confirmation: Re-enter the new PIN to ensure accuracy.
  • Resetting PIN:
    • Go straight to setting a new PIN without the need for the old one.

Important Note:

  • Your new PIN should be distinct from the previous one when updating.

Step 6: Complete the Process

Finalizing Your PIN Change

  • Update Confirmation: Once you’ve entered the necessary PIN information, click on the Update button to apply the new PIN settings.

Additional Tips for Enhanced Security When Handling Your Moniepoint POS ATM Card PIN

Securing your Moniepoint POS ATM card PIN goes beyond the initial setup. It encompasses a series of ongoing, vigilant practices to ensure the highest level of security for your financial transactions. Here are expanded tips to further bolster the safety of your account:

1. Regular Updates

  • Frequency Matters: Aim to change your PIN every few months or at least bi-annually. Regular changes reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Reminder Systems: Set calendar reminders or alerts to ensure you don’t forget to update your PIN regularly.
  • Post-Transaction Review: After completing significant transactions or if you suspect any security threats, consider updating your PIN as a precaution.

2. Keep it Private

  • No Sharing Policy: Never disclose your PIN to friends, family, or financial advisors. Your PIN is akin to a digital key to your financial house.
  • Beware of Scams: Be cautious of phishing attempts via email, calls, or SMS asking for your PIN. Remember, legitimate banks or financial institutions will never ask for your PIN directly.
  • Discretion at ATMs and POS Terminals: Shield the keypad when entering your PIN in public places to prevent onlookers or hidden cameras from capturing it.

3. Strong PIN Choice

  • Complexity is Key: Choose a PIN that is a random combination of numbers. Avoid easily guessable numbers such as birthdays, anniversaries, or sequential numbers (e.g., 1234).
  • Change Patterns: Don’t simply increase or decrease the previous PIN numerically (e.g., 5566 to 5577). Instead, opt for a completely different set of numbers.
  • Mnemonic Devices: If remembering complex numbers is challenging, use a mnemonic device. For instance, translate a word into numbers on a phone keypad to create your PIN.

Additional Proactive Measures

  • Regular Account Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your account statements and transaction history. Any unusual activity should prompt immediate action.
  • Contactless Payment Caution: When using contactless payment features, ensure that the transactions are secure and within your control.
  • Secure Online Banking Practices: Use secure and encrypted connections for online banking. Avoid using public Wi-Fi for financial transactions. Visit How to Set Up Paper Inside Palmpay POS Machine


Changing or resetting your Moniepoint POS ATM card PIN is a simple and secure process. By following these steps carefully, you can efficiently manage your PIN, ensuring your account’s safety and your peace of mind. Remember, keeping your PIN secure and changing it periodically is a good practice for financial security.

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