How to Enable SMS Notification Alerts on Your Moniepoint POS

How to Enable SMS Notification Alerts on Your Moniepoint POS – If you’re a Moniepoint POS user, staying updated with every transaction is crucial, especially when you’re not physically present. This guide will walk you through enabling SMS and email notifications on your POS, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Remember, while email alerts are free, SMS notifications come with a nominal charge. See How to Verify the Terminal ID and Merchant ID on a PALMPAY Analog POS Machine.

Overview of SMS Notification Alerts on Moniepoint POS

Why SMS Notifications Are Essential for Moniepoint POS Users

In the dynamic world of business transactions, staying informed is key to effective management. For Moniepoint POS users, enabling SMS notification alerts offers the advantage of real-time transaction monitoring, critical for those who are not always physically present at their business location. These notifications provide immediate updates on each transaction, allowing business owners to track sales, monitor activity, and stay alerted to any unusual transactions.


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Key Features of SMS Notifications on Moniepoint POS

  • Instant Alerts: Receive immediate updates for every transaction processed through your Moniepoint POS.
  • Transactional Details: Each alert includes essential information about the transaction, helping you keep track of sales and activities in real-time.
  • Security: Stay informed of all transactions, which is vital for spotting and addressing any unauthorized or fraudulent activity quickly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Notifications on Moniepoint POS

As a Moniepoint POS user, being updated with real-time transaction alerts can significantly enhance your business operations. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to manage notification settings, including SMS, email, and push notifications.

1. Log Into Your Moniepoint Account

  • Preparation: Ensure you have your username and password. In case of login difficulties, refer to my guide on resetting passwords and retrieving usernames.
  • Account Access: Visit the Moniepoint platform and log in with your credentials. This How to Verify Customer ATM Balance on Palmpay Android POS

2. Access Notification Preferences

  • Finding Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the bottom of the dashboard or menu. This is particularly relevant for mobile users.
  • Preference Section: Click the settings icon, then select ‘Notification Preferences’.

3. Customize Notification Types

  • SMS Alerts: Under transaction settings, look for the ‘SMS Notifications’ option. Note that activating this service incurs a cost of NGN 400 per SMS alert.
  • Email Alerts: Free of charge and can be activated in the same section, offering a budget-friendly option.
  • Push Notifications: Generally enabled by default, these provide immediate transaction updates.
  • Payment Credits Notifications: Also available to keep track of credit transactions.

4. Adjust Notification Settings

  • Activation: To enable a notification type, switch the toggle to ‘On’. For SMS notifications, you’ll receive a prompt acknowledging the associated fee.
  • Deactivation: To turn off any notification, switch the toggle to ‘Off’. Changes take effect immediately on your POS system.

Additional Tips for Optimal Use

  • Instant Updates: Any changes in your notification settings are applied in real time to your POS.
  • Cost Consideration: Be aware of the SMS notification charges and plan accordingly.
  • Visual Aid: For a more hands-on demonstration, view the linked video tutorial showcasing the process step-by-step.

Email Notifications: A Cost-Effective Alternative

  • Free of Charge: Unlike SMS alerts, email notifications on the Moniepoint POS come at no additional cost.
  • Comprehensive Updates: Receive detailed information about transactions, similar to SMS alerts, but through email.

Balancing Cost and Convenience

  • Understanding Charges: While SMS alerts offer the convenience of real-time updates, they do incur a nominal fee per alert.
  • Cost-Effective Strategy: Use a combination of free email alerts and selective SMS notifications to stay informed while managing costs. Visit How to Set Up Paper Inside Palmpay POS Machine


Activating SMS and email alerts on your Moniepoint POS is straightforward and enhances your transaction monitoring capabilities. Whether you opt for SMS alerts or the free email notifications, staying informed about every transaction is now effortless.

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