NITDA Coursera Scholarship Programme 2024

NITDA Coursera Scholarship Programme 2024 – The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has recently announced the opening of applications for its much-anticipated Coursera Scholarship Programme: Cohort 3. This initiative represents a significant step forward in IT education and professional development in Nigeria.

Overview National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is a pivotal organization in Nigeria, established in April 2001 under the National Information Technology Development Act (2001). The agency functions as the primary driver for the implementation of the country’s IT policies. Its mandate is to develop and regulate IT for sustainable national development. NITDA operates under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy.


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NITDA’s core mission revolves around fostering the development and growth of IT in Nigeria. The agency is tasked with creating a framework for the planning, research, development, standardization, application, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and regulation of Information Technology practices in Nigeria. This includes the development of guidelines, policies, and strategies to enhance the country’s IT capabilities and use it as a key lever for national development.

One of NITDA’s significant roles is to implement the Nigerian IT policy, which aims at integrating IT into the mainstream of governance and national development. This involves the promotion of IT literacy and capacity building, the encouragement of local content development, and the fostering of digital inclusion. The agency has been instrumental in bridging the digital divide in Nigeria, ensuring that IT services are accessible to all segments of society.

NITDA also plays a critical role in IT regulation, ensuring that the practices and deployment of IT resources in Nigeria align with global best practices. This includes the establishment of standards and guidelines for IT services and systems, ensuring the security of IT systems, and fostering the development of a robust IT industry in Nigeria. The agency has a mandate to develop the country’s IT sector, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship within the digital economy.

In its effort to drive sustainable development, NITDA focuses on several key areas, including cybersecurity, e-government, digital literacy, and capacity building. The agency organizes numerous training programs, scholarships, and initiatives to boost IT skills among Nigerians. These initiatives play a crucial role in empowering citizens, creating job opportunities, and positioning Nigeria in the global IT landscape.

NITDA’s strategic vision is aligned with Nigeria’s National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy, aiming to transform Nigeria into a knowledge-based and IT-driven economy. The agency collaborates with various stakeholders, including government bodies, private sector organizations, and international partners, to drive IT innovation and adoption across the country.

Key Dates and Application Process

  • Application Opening Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2024
  • Program Start Date: Saturday, 10 February 2024

How to Apply for NITDA Coursera Scholarship 2024

NITDA urges prospective applicants to act swiftly and apply through their official link: NITDA Coursera Application. Those looking to advance in the IT industry shouldn’t pass up this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Program Overview and Partnerships

NITDA, the principal Government body responsible for IT development and regulation in Nigeria, has partnered with Coursera. This collaboration aims to provide learning scholarships, enabling Nigerian citizens to earn professional certifications from leading multinational tech corporations like Meta, Google, IBM, and prestigious US universities.

Certification Programs

Category A: IT Career Pathway

  • Offering: 20 professional certification programs
  • Focus: Deep knowledge and practical skills for IT employment
  • Completion: Certificates awarded after each course; professional certification upon program completion

Category B: Complementary Skills Pathway

  • Offering: 4 certification programs
  • Focus: Enhancing digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, and freelancing skills

Applicants must choose one certification program from each category. Detailed information about these programs can be found through the links provided in the application portal.

Scholarship Benefits and Expectations

  • Coursera License: Successful applicants will receive a joining link via email.
  • Access Duration: 6 months
  • Course Enrollment: Scholars can enroll in one certification at a time.
  • Core Skills: The program covers various areas including Software Development, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis & Visualization, Quality Assurance, and more.


The NITDA Coursera Scholarship Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for Nigerian citizens to gain cutting-edge IT skills and certifications. With its comprehensive curriculum and esteemed partnerships, this program is poised to significantly boost the IT career prospects of its participants. Don’t miss out on this exceptional learning journey! Apply now and take your first step towards IT excellence.

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