How to Make Momo Payment via Kazang Pos in Zambia

How to Make Momo Payment via Kazang Pos in Zambia – In today’s fast-paced world, mobile money transactions have become a cornerstone of convenience and efficiency, especially in Zambia. Kazang, a popular point-of-sale (POS) system, offers an easy way to use MoMo Pay for various services, including purchases at Bookworld. This detailed guide aims to demystify the process, ensuring both customers and agents can handle transactions effortlessly. See Is the Mwachangu App Fully Restored?

Overview: How to Make Momo Payment via Kazang POS in Zambia

In the dynamic landscape of digital transactions in Zambia, MoMo Pay emerges as a pivotal tool for effortless and secure monetary exchanges. Kazang POS, a widely embraced point-of-sale system, integrates seamlessly with MoMo Pay, providing a streamlined avenue for various payments, including retail purchases at outlets like Bookworld. This overview is designed to simplify the MoMo Pay process via Kazang POS, ensuring that both customers and agents in Zambia can navigate these transactions with ease and confidence.


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Step-by-Step Process for MoMo Pay via Kazang

Step 1: Initiating the Transaction

  • Accessing MoMo Pay:
    • Start by navigating to the ‘Payments’ section on your Kazang POS.
    • Select either ‘MTN Pay’ or ‘MoMo Pay’.
  • Choosing the Service:
    • For this walkthrough, we’re focusing on MoMo Pay, popular for mobile money transactions.

Step 2: Entering Transaction Details

  • Customer’s Phone Number:
    • Key in the customer’s mobile number. This step is vital for directing the payment correctly.
    • Example: Suppose the customer’s number is 0762 7420 2048.
  • Amount of Purchase:
    • Enter the transaction amount. For example, if a customer is purchasing a pen from Bookworld, input the pen’s price.
    • Attention: Ensure the amount entered matches the purchase value.

Step 3: Completing the Payment

  • Printing Receipt:
    • The Kazang machine prints a receipt once the details are entered.
  • Customer’s PIN Entry:
    • The customer should securely input their PIN on their mobile device, authorizing the transaction. Remember, PIN confidentiality is paramount.
  • Final Verification:
    • Return to the ‘Payments’ section, choose MoMo Pay again, and opt for ‘Quick MoMo Pay Step 2’.
  • Confirming the Transaction:
    • Double-check the details (date, time, phone number, amount). Confirm only when everything is accurate.

Step 4: Transaction Confirmation

  • Final Check:
    • Go over the transaction details one last time, including the phone number and amount, on the screen.
  • Confirmation:
    • After the agent confirms, the transaction is deemed complete. The Kazang machine will display a notification, indicating a successful MoMo Pay transaction.

Key Tips for Smooth MoMo Transactions

  • Detail Accuracy: Always cross-verify the phone number and amount for accuracy.
  • Security First: Remind customers about PIN confidentiality to maintain transaction security.
  • Efficiency Matters: Familiarize yourself with the Kazang POS interface for quick and efficient transactions.
  • Customer Verification: Involve the customer in the verification process for added transparency and trust.

Key Tips for a Smooth MoMo Pay Experience

  • Always Double-Check: Ensure the accuracy of the phone number and the amount before proceeding.
  • Educate Customers: Help customers understand the process, especially the part where they need to enter their PIN.
  • Regular Training: Agents should regularly update their knowledge about the Kazang system and its features. See Mwachangu Loan Review


Making a MoMo Pay transaction via Kazang in Zambia is a straightforward process, designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers. By following these simple steps, agents can ensure a quick, secure, and efficient payment process, reinforcing customer trust and satisfaction.

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