How to make SPENN payment via Kazang Pos In Zambia

How to make SPENN payment via Kazang Pos In Zambia – Hello, and welcome to your go-to guide on utilizing SPENN Pay through Kazang POS in Zambia. We will walk through a step-by-step process ensuring a smooth transaction. Let’s jump right in! See Is the Mwachangu App Fully Restored?

Overview on How to Use SPENN Pay via Kazang POS in Zambia

Hello, and welcome to your concise guide on employing SPENN Pay via Kazang POS in Zambia. This overview aims to equip you with the essential steps for a seamless transaction experience. Here we go!

  • Initiate Payment:
    • Begin by selecting the Payments option on your Kazang machine, followed by choosing SPENN Pay from the list of payment methods.
  • Enter Customer Details:Input the customer’s phone number and the intended payment amount accurately to ensure a smooth transaction.


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Step-by-step guide on how to make SPENN payment via Kazang Pos In Zambia

Step 1: Initiating the Payment on Kazang Machine

Step 2: Entering Customer Details

  • You’ll now enter the customer’s phone number and the amount to be paid.
  • Ensure the details are accurate to avoid any transaction hiccups.

Step 3: Submitting the Transaction

  • Once the details are keyed in, hit the Submit button to forward the transaction request to the customer.

Step 4: Customer Confirmation

  • The customer will receive a request notification from Kazang on their phone.
  • They should check the message and swipe right to confirm the transaction.

Step 5: Finalizing the Payment

  • Now, navigate back to the Payments section on your Kazang machine.
  • Select SPENN Pay Quick (not SPENN Pay 2) to view the ongoing transaction.
  • Check the transaction details displayed, ensuring they align with the earlier entered information.
  • Hit Confirm to finalize the transaction and then Submit.

Step 6: Verifying the Transaction

  • It’s crucial to verify the transaction to ensure it’s successful.Check the balance on your Kazang machine to confirm that it has incremented by the paid amount.

Key feature for using SPENN pay via Kazang pos in zambia

The key features of utilizing SPENN Pay via Kazang POS in Zambia are largely aimed at simplifying transactions and expanding financial access. Here are some notable features:

  1. Ease of Transaction:

    • SPENN users, regardless of whether they use smartphones or feature phones, can enjoy free mobile money transactions by dialing a USSD code *220#. This USSD function encompasses money transfers, cash in, cash out, airtime purchase, bills payment, and transaction overviews​.
  2. Wide Accessibility:

    • Through the integration with Kazang, SPENN has expanded its presence in Zambia, adding more than 10,000 agents and Point of Sales terminals across the country. This widespread network makes transacting on SPENN more convenient for users in Zambia​.
  3. Versatile Payment Options:

    • The partnership enables SPENN customers to pay for various goods and services like fuel and groceries using the SPENN App at Kazang POS terminals. This is facilitated by Kazang’s strong merchant network, thus enhancing the SPENN customer offering​.
  4. Support for Feature Phones:

    • Even without a smartphone, users can access SPENN services using feature phones. They can be onboarded by any SPENN agent nationwide, which makes financial services more inclusive and accessible​.  Read Mwachangu Loan Contact Details
  5. Enhanced Customer Experience:

    • SPENN Zambia strives to offer the best mobile banking services to the Zambian people through its partnership with Kazang Zambia, aiming for an excellent customer experience​.
  6. Increased Financial Performance:

    • The strategic collaboration between Kazang and SPENN has also bolstered the financial performance by enabling the deployment of new POS machines, thus increasing revenue​.
  7. High Transaction Volume:

    • Kazang POS handles a high volume of transactions, processing more than 6 million transactions per month or approximately 200,000 transactions daily, showcasing its capability to handle a substantial transaction load​.

Wrapping Up

Voila! You’ve successfully completed a SPENN Pay transaction via Kazang. It’s a straightforward and secure method to process payments, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

For more insightful tutorials, feel free to subscribe to our channel. Your journey to mastering seamless transactions via Kazang is just a click away. Thank you, and here’s to hassle-free transactions!

Engage with this simplified yet detailed guide to make the most out of your Kazang POS system while using SPENN Pay. Happy transacting!

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